how about life just goes and takes a hike, yes?

I feel pathetic

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I’m fucking worthless

Like a dust speck has more of a purpose than I do.

"As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over."





Powergirl joke.

I feel like this is the story of Kaldur’s life- all of these damn teenagers doing weird shit and htting on each other, and he’s like, “Yes, let us do our mentors proud on this mission!”

And then finally, finally they are not his problem anymore- all these damn kids are Dick’s problem now- and Dick is like “Ehhh, thanks, gonna go do me- Kaldur, You’re it!”

Well, they’re his problem again now … except he has Barbara to pass this ridiculousness to.

"Kaldur! Bart is stuck in the vents again!"

"Go tell Barbara."

Kaldur’ahm is the most under appreciated babysitter in the DC universe


Let this be a sign, Let this road be mine

shut the fucking door OMFG